The LipSil Specialist Medical Practice, which has its registered offices in Berlin and Szczecin, is engaged in aesthetic medicine and surgery of the face.

One of the most common procedures performed in patients from across the Germany and foreign countries is lip enlargement by silicone implants. Since 2008 are performed regularly the procedures. It is an effective and safe way for permanent lip augmentation, yet reversible method. The implant may be safely and quickly removed at any time just to restore the the same look as before the surgery. The implants used in the office are manufactured by an American company SurgiSil and were patented in 2007. The effect of this treatment is stable, the implant maintains its shape and size throughout its life and does not need to be replaced and the procedure repeated. PermaLip is  implanted in both women and men. Patients are not only young people, but also those in old age, who apart from giving a volume, want to smooth the contours and compensate for the wrinkles around the mouth.

Patients who are afraid of surgery and would like to enlarge their mouth, change their shape or lighten the wrinkles around the mouth, may benefit from treatment of injection of hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of our skin. The result of the procedure can be seen immediately. The office uses preparations of a Swiss company TeoxaneTM and AnteisTM and French company VivacyTM. They belong to a modern, safe materials that provide exceptional tolerance (low risk of allergy ) and long-lasting effect .

In the offer of our office there are also other rejuvenating treatments, including wrinkle reduction with botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as BotoxTM. The aim of this treatment is to disable some of the facial mimic muscles, which results in smoothing of the skin in those areas. The treatment with botulinum toxin does not mean that facial expression is completely turned off, and the face looks like a mask. Properly executed operation makes the BotoxTM block only certain groups of muscles, and the nature of the face and the ability to express emotions are preserved. BotoxTM can also block the action of sweat glands fighting in this way with the hyperhydrosis.

Another surgery, reducing the wrinkles is to fill them with the hyaluronic acid. Depending on the injection technique, the type of hyaluronic acid and the surroundings, in which the material shall be given, you can smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and moisturize it, eliminate dark circles under your eyes , get a rejuvenating effect or change the shape of your face. By eliminating the signs of aging and/or symptoms of fatigue, the overriding goal is to preserve the natural appearance of the face.

The office also offers other treatments such as: removal of birthmarks, scars correction, upper lip lifting, low-invasive face lifting SilhouetteLiftTM, blepharoplasy or mesotherapy using your own blood plasma and stem cells -  "Dracula Therapy" on the basis of the Swiss company RgenLabTM system.

Detailed information about all treatments are given throughout the site.


Before taking up the decision regarding the treatment do not hesitate to visit us for a free consultation.